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We all have those days when the pressures of life force us to question if we are doing enough. Whether it be in school, at work, or even just in the scope of your own mind, if you ever feel as though you are not doing enough with your life, check out this guest blog post I wrote for Everyday Power. Hopefully, the five tips I outline in this post will help you understand all you have to offer to the world. I mention my song “Paralyzed,” off my Love & Discovery album, and I hope the lyrics encourage you to live your life to its fullest potential.

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‘Finding Cleveland’ Wins Best Documentary at Asians on Film Festival

This past weekend, I attended the 2016 Asians on Film Festival for my short film Finding Cleveland, and I am honored to announce that we won Best Documentary! With over 300 submissions, the annual short film festival handed out a total of 17 awards, focusing attention on new and emerging Asian American talent in the filmmaking industry. Multiple screenings took place throughout the event, which took began on Wednesday, March 9 and ended with the awards ceremony on Sunday, March 13. I was excited to see actor Will Yun Lee, who has appeared in San Andreas, Wolverine, and Hawaii 5-0, received an honorary award for Supporting Role Model. Click here for the full list of festival winners. Be sure to also check out the AOFF award ceremony recap video.

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Oxford Film Festival Win

I headed to Oxford, MS last week for their film festival and it was an honor to win the award for Best Mississippi Documentary Short for my film Finding Cleveland. The five day festival celebrates the art of independent filmmaking, exhibiting over 130 films from across the globe. The week consists of screenings in both showcase and competition settings, panel discussions on issues in contemporary filmmaking, and interactions between the filmmakers and the audience at a number of social events. It was an exciting trip and I can’t believe I now can add award-winning filmmaker to my bio. If you want to see my film please visit our film’s website for our listings of upcoming screenings.

Larissa Lam on Amy Lieu Presents

I always enjoy supporting other UCLA Bruins and I was super excited when Amy Lieu asked me to be a guest on her new show, “Amy Presents.” From my Love and Discovery album to Asian American parents to singing tips, we covered it all in a fun three part YouTube segment. Visit Amy’s channel here for all three parts of my interview but in the meantime check out the first part of our interview below.

Larissa Lam sings at Molly Malone's

Larissa Lam at the Pre-Grammy Showcase

I had the chance to perform with a fantastic lineup of musicians a couple days before the Grammys at one of LA’s music hotspots, Molly Malone’s. The showcase benefited National Outreach Foundation, Inc. and We Are One Concerts, and included a diverse groups of artists that included David Longoria, April Diamond, Songwriting Shane, Aeone, Diana Barash, Dennis Sy, D. Edward, Grant Maloy Smith, and Annette Conlon.

Larissa Lam at Molly Malone's

Larissa Lam sings her song “Swaying” accompanied by Only Won, David Longoria, D. Edward and Robert Eibach