Favorites Larissa Lam I’ll be sharing about some of the stories behind some of my favorite songs I’ve recorded over the next few weeks. I’ve actually put them all on a new limited edition compilation called Favorites.

The first song on Favorites is “Breathing More (DDR Remix).” The DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution, the video game. My good friend Greg Rule heard the original version of this song from my album “Revolutionary” and offered to do a remix. When I heard his remix, I automatically thought it sounded like something you would hear in the video game Dance Dance Revolution. I contacted the makers of the game and they agreed. The song appears in Dance Dance Revolution: Universe 2. It’s a very surreal thing to hear your song in a video game for the first time and then dance to it. Even more surreal was the time I was performing for a youth group in Hong Kong and many of the crowd recognized the song from the video game. This song also landed in the Top 10 of the CCM/Rhythmic radio charts.

I originally wasn’t planning to record the song myself but maybe pitch it to another artist. It was always conceived as a very hooky pop song and I tend to gravitate towards the moodier songs. I’m glad my producer Derek Nakamoto convinced me to put it on my own album because it has probably been my most successful song so far.

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