“Heading for Sunshine” is a song that appears on my Favorites album but was never released on any previous solo albums of mine because it was written for TV & film. I was asked by a music supervisor of a documentary film to write a couple songs to replace temp tracks they had in the film. The director had used a Tom Petty song, which was out of their budget for the end credits song. The film was about a wife who is starting a new life when her husband is about to die from AIDS. I wrote “Heading for Sunshine” with that in mind. The majority of the film was a bit of a downer so they wanted to end it with something hopeful. However, a strange thing happened and the music supervisor who originally called me about the film quit the project because the director was difficult to work with. As a result, my song wasn’t used. Fast forward several years and I was approached by a major music library, Megatrax, to record a song for a new compilation they were doing. I dug out this song and produced an updated version. They loved it, bought the song and placed it in TV shows such as “Days of Our Lives.” I’ve always loved the chorus to this song and I’m so glad it was given a second chance to be heard.


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