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I wrote this song for my 1st album On the Way Up. A friend of mine once told me he was listening to this song in the airport and he was feeling alone. When he listened to this song, he said it gave him comfort and it was his favorite song on the album.

When I write songs, I like to write lyrics that hit on multiple levels and meanings. On one hand, this song is about choosing the narrow path in life that may not be the most popular in other’s people’s eyes but is the right path to choose. It’s a path that has its highs and lows. It can feel like you’re moving against the crowd and not with it. It’s also a song about love. When you love someone, you will follow them down every road they go down. It takes commitment and you’re in it for the long haul. And if you love God, it’s the same type of pursuit where you need to stay on the road if you want to follow Him.