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Larissa Lam Love & Discovery CD

Love & Discovery

Title : Love & Discovery
Release Date : June 16, 2015
Label :
Format : CD

This is the long awaited solo album of Larissa Lam’s new songs. Official album was released June 16, 2015. It features 12 anthemic songs all written by Larissa covering EDM, Jazz & R&B. Almost 4 years in the making, fans of her soulful vocals will not be disappointed.

Produced by David Longoria

Co-produced by Robert Eibach

Songs written by Larissa Lam

  • “Lam’s beautiful and confident stride of power stinging shows her at the edge of divaship.” Music Dish
  • “Her vocals are simply amazing. The only thing that was more pleasing to the ear was the intelligence in the lyrics.”
  • SingerUniverse Magazine
  • “I Feel Alive” is a propulsive dance/pop song which grabs the listener’s attention and sustains a high energy level. Lam’s powerful, vibrant vocal performance is immediately evident.”The Global Muse
  • [/wolf_testimonial_slide]
  • “The production is first rate & the variety of styles is mind-blowing. EDM to R&B to doo wop!” Ron Mendelsohn, CEO & President of Megatrax
  • “A fast rising star, Lam displays an impressive range of vocal and songwriting skills” Greg Rule, former Editor-in-Chief, Keyboard & EQ magazine.
  • “Lam’s voice is soulful and emotive…”Pop Matters
  • Larissa Lam has constructed a rocket-fueled ride to realms far distant from the world of mundane dance music – there’s a new power rising on the floor!Akademia Music Awards

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