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On the Way Up

Title : On the Way Up
Release Date : January 8, 2001
Label :
Format : CD

Larissa’s impressive first solo album, On the Way Up, is a compilation of 13 original songs centered on the theme of relationships.
Larissa explains, “If you think about it, life is basically a series of relationships. I wanted to write about the relationships that were most important to me: friends, family, God and even strangers. Everyone has relationships in their lives and hopefully people will identify with at least one of the songs on the album.”

  • “Lam’s beautiful and confident stride of power stinging shows her at the edge of divaship.” Music Dish
  • “Her vocals are simply amazing. The only thing that was more pleasing to the ear was the intelligence in the lyrics.”
  • SingerUniverse Magazine
  • “I Feel Alive” is a propulsive dance/pop song which grabs the listener’s attention and sustains a high energy level. Lam’s powerful, vibrant vocal performance is immediately evident.”The Global Muse
  • [/wolf_testimonial_slide]
  • “The production is first rate & the variety of styles is mind-blowing. EDM to R&B to doo wop!” Ron Mendelsohn, CEO & President of Megatrax
  • “A fast rising star, Lam displays an impressive range of vocal and songwriting skills” Greg Rule, former Editor-in-Chief, Keyboard & EQ magazine.
  • “Lam’s voice is soulful and emotive…”Pop Matters
  • Larissa Lam has constructed a rocket-fueled ride to realms far distant from the world of mundane dance music – there’s a new power rising on the floor!Akademia Music Awards

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